Ducati 1098 Reviews and rating

1)Overall Rating

Review by Loren Samis
180 MPH, I think I need to sit down, and pick my jaw up off the floor.

What are the strengths?
The Ducati 1098 is exquisite. Suspension, brakes etc are all premier league on the Ducati 1098 and then there's the sublime datalogger dash and exquisite styling

What are the weaknesses?
none baby!

2)Overall Rating

Review by sa
I would recommend this company to everyone who can afford 5 star service and 5 diamond equipment. Not for the poor man.

What are the strengths?
Good selection of NEW rental motorcycles.

What are the weaknesses?
I wish they were everywhere.

3)Overall Rating

Review by billy butler
Enzo makes Ferrari, thus, Enzo makes Ducati! before the 1098 was the 999R, before that it was the yeellow 748cc w/ the grey wheels! Now they have an 1198, 1198(S), 1198(R), 1198(SP), and an $83,999.00 Desmocidissi. Lastly the Desmo GP11 is well over $120,000, and that boys and girls is the bike they race the MotoGP circuit!!! By the way, they are everywhere, their just not cheap, so go a buy a Harley big boy!!!

What are the strengths?
It's quite good looking and has 180hp in which the 600cc bikes have no more than 114hp!

What are the weaknesses?
You bought a 1098 Ducati, not the 1098S which has much better suspension, not to mention 11-inch Brembo Brakes that make you avoid accidents like theirs no tomorrow! Also, thery make a 1098R, in which has Ohlin's suspension and Carbon Fiber Exhaust. therefore, since it's its carbon it will never heat up so the hot blond riding on the back ass doesn't catch on fire. Please, Learn your bikes before you recommend a piece of machinery. Also the "SUBLIME DATALOGGER" is a LCD sccreen, not necessarily Sublime! More like common sense!!


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