Our Certification Seal

What Does Certified Company Means?

Our certified seal helps you rent with confidence from the Internet's most respected rental companies. Every company listed with the "certified" seal is carefully selected by us based on the company's Established Reputation for Service Quality, Service Satisfaction, Value, Performance and Recommendation. A Certified Company rating is determined by its level of compliance to FindExotic's evaluation criteria and by the customer rating and review feature.

Evaluation Team

The rating team is made up of professionals who are extensively trained in the use of the FindExotic.com's evaluation method and are closely supervised. A company will receive a 0.5 to 5-star rating based on the level of compliance in these five categories. The total number of stars received for each of the categories will equal the company's overall rating.

4.5 to 5 stars = Excellent
3.5 to 4 stars = Very Good
2.5 to 3 stars = Good
1.5 to 2 stars = Fair
0.5 to 1 stars = Poor

The Customer Ratings and Reviews Feature

Registered customers can rate a company by using a link on their control panel to go to the rating form and select ratings from poor to excellent for the overall experience with the rental company.

If you would like to rate and review a rental company please click here.