Ferrari F430 Spider Reviews and rating

1)Overall Rating

Review by Osvaldo Osteman
I had a great time driving this F430...what a live time experience!

What are the strengths?
Fast...Fast...Faster! The engine sounds awsome on this Ferrari

What are the weaknesses?

2)Overall Rating

Review by royal
I will rent this car again

What are the strengths?
Amazing!!! What a great ride. I could not get to the top speed of 196 mph, but I guess I was very close to it. (just kidding)

What are the weaknesses?
a lot of money on gas

3)Overall Rating

Review by Lozano
I have a Lamborghini Gallardo at home that I want to change so I rented the Ferrari 430 to try and to compare both cars. You know what? I will keep my Lambo as this Ferrari did not perform as good.

What are the strengths?
Better corners handling than the lambo.

What are the weaknesses?
Just an average car with not much power.


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