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We are hybrid car enthusiasts -- aware that life is not a rehearsal and we only have one earth. Pollution and global warming can"t be dismissed as Hollywood special effects. We must be proactive to turn back the disastrous carbon tide. Please. We are passionate about what we do.

The vehicles Simply Hybrid offers are the best pure hybrid automobiles available on the market which combine luxury, comfort and gas efficiency. Our hybrid car rental system professionals are looking forward to serving you with our growing fleet of nothing but hybrids. As our name implies, we simply want to provide you with a hybrid that fits your transportation needs and budget.

Global warming aware business partners, willing to go that extra mile on the same path as Simply Hybrid, are welcome to contact us regarding business opportunities.

Go green With Simply Hybrid Rental Cars where we spcialize in hybrid car rental in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, LA, LAX Airport, Santa Monica, Hollywood and West Los Angeles California.
Whether you worry about the size of your carbon footprint or the cost of gasoline, a hybrid vehicle offers you greener options. Simply Hybrid was created to bring solutions to global warming into the car rental business.

By renting a hybrid vehicle, you can be part of the solution. Simply Hybrid offers a variety of pure hybrid vehicles ranging from the compact Honda Civic to the midsize Toyota Prius to the larger GMC Yukon. New additions such as the Honda Insight LX, VW Sportwagen TDI, Mercedes E320 Bluetec and comming soon the VW Routan TDI Minivan. All of our vehicles are top of the line luxury models featuring built-in satellite navigation.

We want to help put the harsh environmental impact of the industrial revolution behind us through a technological revolution that can save our environment. So what are you waiting for

Why rent a hybrid car, truck or SUV?

Advanced Technology
Hybrid cars are on the leading edge of 21st century technology. Their advanced technology includes advanced engine design, electronic braking, world class aerodynamics, 5 star safety and extra features like satellite navigation.

For example, both the design of its hatchback and the lightweight composite material used for its console make the Toyota Prius one of the MOST aerodynamic cars on the road.
Hybrid cars have been developed to both enhance your motoring experience and reduce their impact on the environment.


The detrimental effect cars have on the environment is naturally diminished by vehicles created to emit far less CO2 than standard petrol cars. If the industrial revolution had a negative impact on the earth, the technological revolution can have a positive impact and right those wrongs.

The Driving Experience

When you first start up a hybrid, you will be amazed by the quiet start up compared to regular petrol vehicles. Their electric motor makes hybrids noticeably quieter. At slow speeds, the petrol engine sleeps, and the electric motor provides power. This quieter ride for the driver means fewer emissions and more miles per gallon.

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