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About Rent-A-Vette Las Vegas

I have always had an incredible fascination with cars. During the summers of my childhood, my grandpa Art would let me drive the country roads of Minnesota long before I was old enough. Then, in September, when the auto manufacturers announced their new models, I would ride my bike to the local dealerships to get the latest new car brochures. Following form, my first car was a ?65 Mustang, then a Chevelle SS, then a Corvette Sting Ray?over the years I have grown to have an immense passion and respect for anything automotive, especially those cars with the prancing horse! Today I am fortunate enough to be the current custodian of several classic Ferrari and vintage race cars. I say custodian because I never feel like you "own" a special car; it is just our job to care for, cherish and nurture the car while it is in our possession.

The goal of all of us at RAV is to share that passion and joy with our customers. If you are like us, you enjoy cars and the freedom they allow. Maybe you like cars for their aesthetic value or the giddy feeling in your stomach when pressing the throttle. Whatever it is, we have assembled a collection of cars that will fill any of your automotive fantasies. When visiting RAV you will see that these are not rental cars, these are our cars that we want to share with you. We honestly believe RAV can offer you the finest exotic and luxury car rental experience imaginable.

I hope we are able to lend you a car for your visit to this wonderful city. You will find out, like I have, the best thing about motoring is: "No matter how far you drive, you will never run out of sky!" ---JOHN

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Where are you located?

Las Vegas: 5021 Swenson Street, just two blocks from McCarran International Airport.

What are your hours of operation? 9-5 M-F and 9-3 Sat and Sun

How are car rentals priced? All car rental rates are for a 24-hour period starting when you leave our office.

How old do I need to be to rent a car from RAV? All renters must be a minimum of 21 years of age, but a minimum of 25 years of age to avoid a surcharge. Some vehicles require you to be a minimum of 25 of 30 years of age. Renters from age 21-24 will be eligible to rent certain models with a $25 per day surcharge. All age requirements are listed in the RATE section.

What type of drivers license is acceptable? All renters must present a valid drivers license, with photograph, at the time of rental.

How do I make a car rental reservation? To make a guaranteed car reservation, we charge one days rental rate to your credit card. You can supply this information through the RESERVATION section using our secured server or over the phone at 1.800.627.0808. After making a reservation you will be guaranteed your chosen vehicle baring any unforeseen circumstances (accidents or service needed).If you need to cancel your reservation we ask for three (3) days prior notice for you to receive a credit of your deposit less a standard cancellation fee.

Do I need a credit card to rent a car from RAV? Yes, you must present a valid credit card in your name at the time of rental. Credit Card cannot be a bank or debit card, nor a corporate credit card, unless you own the business. A credit card authorization approval will be requested at the time of rental to be used as a deposit. Please note, this is only an authorization, not a charge. The minimum authorization is $1,000, certain EXOTIC SPORTS CARS and LUXURY 2 & 4 PASSENGER CONVERTIBLES and luxury cars require a $2,000 or $4,000 authorization. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and Discover. Cash and bank/debit cards are only accepted towards your final total when the vehicle is returned.

Are additional drivers permitted? Yes, one (1) additional driver is permitted. Additional drivers must meet the same age and drivers license requirements and be present at the time of rental. If the additional driver is not a family member they will also need to meet the same credit card requirements and there is an additional charge.

How do I get my vehicle? We offer a complimentary shuttle service from the airport or your hotel. We are located on the exit road leaving the airport and only a few minute ride from most Strip hotels. When making your reservation, we will arrange an approximate pick-up time. On the day of your car rental, we will ask you to call our office at 736-2592 to arrange an exact pick-up time and location.

Can you deliver the vehicle to my hotel? Yes, in most instances we are able to accommodate this request. We ask that you are a previous customer of RAV who has rented from us before, and that prior arrangements be made for any vehicle delivery. Delivery must be executed during our normal hours of operations, the renter has an existing room reservation at the hotel and the renter be present to receive the vehicles. Upon the delivery of your rental car to your hotel valet, we will complete the necessary paperwork with you and review the proper vehicle operations, just as we would do if you were picking up the vehicle at our office. There is a $25 fee for vehicle delivery. If this is you first car rental with RAV, we do require that you pick-up the vehicle at our main office

What coverage is offered? The daily car rental rate for the vehicles assume the renter will be responsible for the full value of the car and does not include any insurance coverage. The renter is required to carry Auto Liability insurance in their name. Certain EXOTIC SPORTS CARS and LUXURY 2 & 4 PASSENGER CONVERTIBLES require renter to supply written confirmation that their insurance will fully cover these vehicles.

I do not know how to drive this exotic sports car!! Do not worry! Before you leave, one of our customer service representatives will spend extensive time with you to show the proper operation of all controls and to make sure you are comfortable with the vehicle. Most importantly, we will show you how to put the convertible top down. Do let us know if you are not comfortable driving a manual transmission. We offer many great sports cars and luxury convertibles with automatic transmissions.

Where can we go? The San Diego area is surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in California...please click here for some suggestions.

Can I return my car rental after-hours? In most cases, after hours drop off can be arranged for an additional charge. Prior arrangements must be made.