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About Performance Rentals

Our Services:

We offer performance and exotic vehicles for many uses, including personal and corporate rentals, film and TV production, and gift and charity rentals.

Personal and Corporate Rentals

If you'd like to slip behind the wheel of one of our vehicles, the process is quick and easy. First, call us up at 866-607-0084 and confirm the availability of your desired vehicle. After doing so, we will send you a simple membership application via fax or email, and confirm your reservation. From then on, we will do our best to ensure that you receive only the best service possible.

Our unique benefits include:
  • Pre-rental familiarization literature and videos to familiarize (and probably excite) you about your upcoming rental vehicle.
  • Delivery to and pick up from a location of your choosing, if desired, or you may pick up your rental from several convenient locations in Rockland County, NY.
  • Personal orientation with the vehicle controls and options once your car arrives for your rental.
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance, including towing, lost keys, fuel delivery, and any other reasonable assistance we can offer. We can also remotely unlock any vehicle via satellite should you accidentally lock the keys inside.
  • Free EZPass tag for use on all tri-state area tolls.
  • Top of the line audio and entertainment systems with GPS navigation included in all vehicles, including maps and routes of excellent driving locations throughout the tri-state area. All of our cars also offer iPod connectivity, and the ability to play all CD/DVD/CD-R/MP3 media.
  • No refueling charges. You may return the vehicle with any amount of fuel.
  • User-customizable music repository. If you were wondering why we ask what kind of music you like on our rental application, it's so we can automatically upload selections based on your preferences to the car prior to your rental, from our one terabyte digital music library. Of course, you may also elect to use your own iPod in any of our vehicles.

Film and TV Productions

If you need a performance vehicle for your film or TV production, look no farther. Our founders have extensive experience in the professional film and video industry, and can provide you with industry-leading production support with our vehicles. We can provide assistance with camera mounts, location scouting, logistics, equipment rental and rigging, as well as provide stunt drivers and stock footage at very reasonable rates. Please contact our film production coordinator for more information.

Gift, Charity and Special Events

We are able to accommodate the gift of speed in many different ways, including gift certificates, 1-day rentals for charity events (subject to pre-approval), weddings, promotions or any other situation for which you may need something loud and fast.

Cities we cover

Past clients


Age Limit

All Performance Rentals clients must be over the age of 21 with a clean driving record (no DUI, major moving violations, etc) with a valid US driver's license which may not expire during the term of the rental.

We require all clients to complete a rental application.


All renters must have valid, full coverage including collision and comprehensive with no higher than a $1,000 deductible to rent from us. We require $100,000/300,000 bodily injury and $100,000 property damage coverage, and your policy must be transferrable to the car you rent. If you do not have sufficient insurance, it may be possible to purchase a temporary rider from your insuring agent for the term of the rental, please contact us for more information if you have any questions about your insurance coverage.

Additional Drivers

You may add additional drivers to your rental contract, providing they complete a rental application, and are subject to the same requirements and conditions as the primary driver.

Damage Deposit

All renters must provide a damage deposit in the form of a credit card authorization or cashier's check / money order. Any damage to the vehicle discovered upon return will be billed against this deposit and your insurance coverage. The deposit amount varies with the vehicle, so please contact us if you have any questions.

Payment Options

We accept Visa / Mastercard, Discover and American Express cards for all payments and deposits. With prior approval and reservation, we also accept cashier's checks, money orders, and other reasonable forms of certified funds. We may require additional information and verification if you wish to pay without a credit card. Personal and Business checks are not accepted.

Delivery / Pickup

You may pick up your desired vehicle from several convenient locations in Rockland County, NY, or we can deliver it to your door or any area airport. Fees are as follows, which apply for each delivery and/or pickup.

New York Tri-State / NorthEast

Rockland County Free

Manhattan* Free

Westchester Airport Free

Orange County (south of Newburgh) Free

Northern NJ / Bergen County Free

Metro NYC / JFK / LGA* $99 each way

Long Island / Connecticut $139 each way

South NJ / Philadelpha $159 each way

Other areas $2.00 / mile

* Due to the nature of Manhattan and the NYC metro area, some areas may be difficult for us to deliver a vehicle due to parking or standing regulations. In such case we may pick you up and transport you to a suitable location at which to conduct the vehicle familiarization process and any required paperwork.

Fuel Surcharge

Performance Rentals does not require any refueling charge. You may return a vehicle full, empty, or anywhere in between, however you should not operate a vehicle with less than 1/8th tank.

When refueling the vehicle during your rental, you must use at least 93 Octane (R+M/2) Premium grade gasoline. Filling and operating a vehicle with a lower grade will incur a $350 fee for flushing the fuel system, and in the case of forced-induction vehicles, you may cause serious engine damage by using lower grade fuels, which you will be responsible for.

You may not use any alcohol-based fuels (E85), octane boosters, or leaded racing gasoline. We sample and test the fuel in the vehicle when it is returned to ensure compliance with this requirement.

Return Times

We expect vehicles to be returned within a reasonable approximation of the return date and time on your rental contract. We also understand that delays are sometimes unavoidable due to traffic or other concerns, and hence allow a 1-hour grace period after your scheduled return time. Vehicles returned more than 1-hour after your scheduled return time may be subject to additional daily rental fees if we are forced to cancel another reservation due to your late return.

Cancellation Policy

When you reserve a vehicle, we will place a hold on your credit card for 50% of the total rental cost, or $500, whichever is greater. If you need to cancel or reschedule, the following fees will apply:

Cancellation / Reschedule within:

At least 20 days before rental: No charge.
At least 10 days before rental: $100 fee.
At least 5 days before rental: 50% of the rental fee, or $500, whichever is greater.
Less than 72 hours before rental: 100% of rental fee.

At our sole discretion, we may waive or reduce cancellation fees under special circumstances, or apply them as account credit which may be applied to your future rentals with us.

You may purchase our bad weather insurance (contact us for details) if you are uncertain of the probable conditions when scheduling your rental. In the event of extreme, unforeseen bad weather (meaning any which may make operation of a given vehicle unsafe), we may, at our sole discretion, reschedule your rental at no cost.

Refunds and Discounts

We do not offer refunds for vehicle rentals or gift certificates. However, in certain cases we may offer account credit toward future rentals, at our sole discretion.

In the event of a mechanical failure not caused by the renter, we will make all reasonable efforts to repair or replace the vehicle with another, or apply an account credit for future rentals.


Discounts of any type may not be combined with any other discount, unless expressly specified as such. In the event there are two discounts available to you, the larger of the two will be applied.

Driving Area Restrictions

Our vehicles may not be operated outside of the states of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts or Washington D.C without prior written approval.

Our vehicles may not be operated outside of the continental United States under any circumstances.

Prohibited Uses

Our vehicles may not be used in any of the following ways:

  • For any illegal purpose or in connection with any illegal activity.

  • By anyone not specifically authorized as a driver on the rental contract.

  • By anyone with a suspended or restricted Driver's License.

  • By anyone without appropriate insurance coverage.

  • In any commercial activity, including advertising without prior agreement, or carrying persons or property for hire.

  • To push, tow, or move any object, load or device.

  • To exceed any posted speed limits.

  • In any speed test, performance test, speed contest, race, rally, endurance contest, demonstration, or on or near any race track or road course.

  • To conduct any manner of driver training or instruction.

  • On any unpaved or unsuitable surface.

Any violation of these Prohibited Uses may result in the vehicle being remotely disabled and retrieved at the renter's expense.


The primary driver/renter on the rental contract is responsible for all traffic, speeding, parking, toll or other tickets of violations issued to any authorized driver or the vehicle during the rental term. The renter must pay all fees, fines, penalties, towing charges and impound fees that may result.