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The primary cause of global warming—the enemy—is the fossil fuel that powers our automobiles, trucks and busses. The excess pollutants that exit from the exhaust pipes of vehicles are carbon-based—mostly carbon dioxide (CO2) to be precise. For many people, it’s easy to rationalize continuing with traditional gasoline-powered engines because the problem isn’t likely to become terminal within our lifetimes. We tell ourselves, ‘what choice do we have?” and “scientists are working on it. Someone will solve this problem.”

Who We Are and Why We Care

We’ve already stated that we conceived eQocar because our management firmly believes that it’s important for everyone to minimize their carbon footprint on planet Earth. And since automobiles are the greatest single contributor to pollution, especially in our major cities, we believed it was important to make hybrid rental cars available to replace the non-hybrids that seem to be everywhere. Thus, eQocar was born!

The reality is that even if an inevitable solution is found, we need to step-in now to at least minimize the damages we cause. That’s the eQocar challenge: Take a step to alleviate these harmful emissions by renting only hybrid cars.
Moreover, if and when other vehicular technologies become feasible—things like hydrogen fuel cells or all-electric cars with better batteries—eQocar will be the first company to make those available as rentals too! eQocar has made it feasible and practical to rent a vehicle that minimizes harmful emissions and we will continue to do so in the years ahead. That’s what eQocar is all about.
We sincerely hope that you, our customers, will share our concerns for the environment and make a similar commitment to do your part by going green every time you need a rental car of any class.

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