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About DJ Boat Rentals

DJ Boat Rentals, LLC. specializes in Jet skis, deck boat and yacht rentals. We guarantee that our vessels are the best in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County areas. We allow you to tow our Jet Skis and Boats to any local ramp our meet us at the dock and hop on your vessel for a fun filled day.

About Us

Service First! Our mission is to provide customers the best service and value by offering a variety of recreational boating opportunities in clean, safe, reliable craft and to do it better than anyone else.

It Only Takes a Few Minutes to Put You On the Water! DJ Boat Rentals LLC. has locations in Palm Beach county. We will provide your vessel at the dock or you can use our tow out service and take your vessel in approved and authorized areas

DJ Boat Rentals LLC.
3615 Henry Ave.
West Palm Beach, FL 33405


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