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Great cars at a great price since 1958

Budget Rent a Car is one of the world"s best-known car rental brands with nearly 1,900 rental locations worldwide.

Budget Rent A Car was founded in 1958 as a car rental company for the "budget-minded" renter. Today, as an industry leader, Budget continues to appeal to value-minded renters by offering quality vehicles and a rewarding rental experience.

Budget Rent a Car Beverly Hills and Santa Monica are independently owned operations operating under license from Budget Rent a Car of Southern California serving West Los Angeles. We are proud to serve the West Los Angeles and Santa Monica beach areas with a wide selection of compact to luxury cars, as well as limited edition SUVs. Whether you"re here for business or leisure, we"re here to serve you.

If you are looking for a traditional rental vehicle, or something unique and different, choose Budget Rent a Car of Beverly Hills and West Los Angeles - we have some of the most exciting vehicles in town!

Ready for special events and weekend get-a-ways all with the savings you have come to expect from Budget!

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1. All renters must be over the age of 21 and possess a valid driver"s license and credit card in their own name. These must be presented to the Budget Representative at the time of rental. (Copies or facsimiles will not be accepted) Renters under the age of 25 will be charged a $20 per day underage surcharge and will be limited to renting only our standard Compact through Full-size vehicles. Government employees over the age of 18 traveling on government orders in the U.S. may rent from Budget without a surcharge.

2. There will be a minimum authorization required on all rental transactions depending on the length of rental and the estimated cost of the rental. Some "specialty" or "exotic" vehicle rentals will require larger credit card authorization amounts.

3. Bank issued debit cards will are accepted only for economy through full size cars and require a minimum authorization.

4. To help control liability and insurance costs, most major car rental companies, including Budget, screen for high-risk drivers. Budget may ask potential renters a variety of questions regarding their driving record. Whenever a prospective renter"s driving history fails to meet the established criteria, the company can deny rental service.

5. Once you"re behind the wheel of your rental car, we want you to thoroughly enjoy your driving experience. So, if you decide to keep your car for a few more days, that"s no problem at all! In the event that you wish to keep your car longer, please call us to let us extend your rental contract. You will find our phone number on your rental agreement. Because Budget offers each customer this same flexibility, please understand that we can"t guarantee a specific make, model or color since some of our customers undoubtedly will decide to keep their cars longer than they originally planned. However, we can promise that, if you order an intermediate, for example, we"ll have an intermediate available for you – or upgrade you to a larger vehicle at no extra charge.

6. When you reserve your vehicle certain terms and conditions apply to your rental. For example, in some particularly rugged parts of the country, and on specific gravel and dirt roads not regularly maintained, Budget prohibits use of its vehicles. Interstate travel is permissible only to states that border California but we do NOT allow our vehicles to be driven in to Mexico. For full details, please contact a Budget Representative directly.

7. We offer a long-term rental option for customers who need a vehicle for an extended period of time. A long-term rental would constitute a minimum of 30 consecutive days to a maximum of 330 consecutive days. The longer the rental, the greater the daily savings.

8. Purchasing any one of our coverages provides you with the added peace of mind and assurance that you are protected against any damage to your rental vehicle. Below is a brief description of the types of coverages that you"ll be offered when you pick up your vehicle. Here also is a summary of the optional insurance plans available for an additional daily charge.

These plans are provided by independent insurance companies, and are subject to the provisions, limitations and exclusions contained in the actual policies, which are available for review upon request. Other rental companies may offer similar coverages under different names and at varying limits and costs. As with any optional insurance or protection plan, smart renters will want to do some research before purchasing these options. Budget offers several types of optional insurance plans to protect you during the rental period:

- Renter’s Liability Protection (RLP) is automobile insurance that protects you and all authorized drivers of the rental vehicle against third-party bodily injury and property-damage claims for which you are legally liable. This means that you probably won"t have to call upon your other protection unless the loss exceeds the SLI limit or results from your use of the vehicle in violation of the terms of the rental agreement. This coverage provides the state minimum of $0.00 - $35,000.00 in coverage.

- Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) is excess automobile liability insurance that protects you and all authorized drivers of the rental vehicle against third-party bodily injury and property-damage claims for which you are legally liable. When SLI is purchased, liability protection provided by Budget and the SLI carrier becomes primary, and applies before other liability protection available to you. This means that you probably won"t have to call upon your other protection unless the loss exceeds the SLI limit or results from your use of the vehicle in violation of the terms of the rental agreement. By not having to file a claim under your own policy, you can probably avoid possible premium increases or even cancellation. Another benefit is that SLI provides a high limit of liability protection that might not otherwise be available to the renter. By accepting SLI, the limit of liability protection available to the renter or authorized driver is $1 million combined single limit.

- Personal Accident and Effects Insurance (PAI) Personal Accident Insurance covers death or bodily injury caused directly and independently of all other causes by covered accident. Eligible expenses are defined in policy as commencing within 30 days of accident. Coverage is NOT valid on rentals that are not paid.

- Optional Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) offered by car rental companies is not insurance. It"s an option that relieves renters of financial responsibility if the car is damaged while under rental contract. Using the vehicle in violation of any of the use restrictions listed on the rental agreement will void LDW and leave the renter fully responsible for any damage to the vehicle. If you decline LDW, you will be responsible for up to the full fair market value of the car if it is damaged, vandalized or stolen during the rental. You also may be responsible for reimbursing the car rental company for any revenue lost during the period that the company is unable to use the car while it is being repaired, or in the event that the car is not recovered due to theft (loss of use).

9. When you reserve a “specialty vehicle” you will be asked to present a credit card to hold your reservation. In the event you wish to cancel your reservation a 48 hour advance notice is required. Failure to provide the required notice will result in a non refundable $75 cancellation fee