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Ideally located at the heart of Paris, VillaHotel Victoria is a distinct addition to the string of posh our villas. Boasting of four well-furnished bedrooms and four stylish bathrooms, the villa can sleep up to eight people. The contemporary furnishings of the living room, plus the breathtaking view of the private garden make it a great venue for relaxation. The kitchen and dining areas feature luxuriously chic amenities that complement the villa’s subtle elegance. Like all the other properties of our, VillaHotel Victoria adheres to the strictest standards set by the company. With our’s commitment to provide only the best facilities and services, VillaHotel Victoria takes pride in its state-of-the-art alarm system, as well as its other amenities, such as library and private office.

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Specifications and amenities

Location: Paris - France
Number of Guests: N/A
Area: 8,800 square feet
Beds: 4
Bath: 4
Kitchen: Large full Kitchen
Floors: N/A

Boating Amenities: N/A
Home Theater: yes
Kitchen: yes
Leisure and Exercise: yes

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