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The island is located only 25 Km from Key West just off Summerland Keys.

Guests stay in the islands large 3,800 square foot 3 story timber home which boasts lots of airy porches, lofty ceilings, cooling surrounding foliage and cross ventilation. There are 3 bedrooms each with a queen size bed and bathroom with a jacuzzi in the master bedroom. The home provides generous room for entertaining and offers relaxing panoramic views of ever-changing vistas of the surrounding area.

The Island Attractions & Activities Sailing, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, fishing. A boat is included in the rental price and enables you to travel to larger islands such as Summerland Key or drive to Key West with its wonderful restaurants, elegant shops, art galleries and sporting facilities such as golf and tennis. An endless supply of games and books, and fishing gear is supplied. A mobile phone is provided if needed. The area is considered by many to have the best fishing and diving in America.

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