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Kawasaki ZX6R

Daily Rental Price Range: From $169.00 to $169.00
Weekly Rental Price Range: From $775.00 to $775.00

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Daily Rental Price Range: $169.00
Weekly Rental Price Range: $775.00

Kawasaki ZX6R Detailed Information

The first middleweight sport bike with an aluminum frame. It had a dry weight of 401.2 lb (454 lb wet) and was capable of accelerating 0-60 mph in only 3.6 seconds.

Beginning with the bodywork, the new NINJA ZX -6R and ZX-6RR are the most aerodynamically efficient sportbikes Kawasaki has ever created - even more streamlined than the leading-edge ZX-10R. Specifically, the new fairing helps to divide the air stream farther ahead of the bike; by moving the "bubble" of still air farther forward in the cockpit, the rider experiences less buffeting around the head and shoulders. The point of convergence - where the divided air streams comes together behind the rider - is critical to aerodynamic efficiency, so Kawasaki engineers designed the tail section to smoothly blend the air together while minimizing turbulence. The result is quicker roll-on acceleration and higher top speeds at the race track, as well as enhanced rider comfort and control.

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Las Vegas - NV,Los Angeles - CA,San Diego - CA