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Hummer H2

Daily Rental Price Range: From $299.99 to $399.00
Weekly Rental Price Range: From $1,849.99 to $2,443.00

GP Luxury Rental

Daily Rental Price Range: $299.99
Weekly Rental Price Range: $1,849.99

CareFree LifeStyle

Daily Rental Price Range: $349.00
Weekly Rental Price Range: $2,443.00

Exotic Rides of Miami

Daily Rental Price Range: $399.00
Weekly Rental Price Range: $2,399.00

Hummer H2 Detailed Information

The new Hummer is for everyday urban adventurers. This is not a baby Hummer, as some people want to think. This is a refined and matured Hummer to drive in the cement jungles of the cities, and for those big potholes out on the streets. Also, she?ll be a perfect getaway car, if you want to go to the nearest nature center. Imagine the edge you?ll gain over your fishing buddies when you pull over in your brand new H2.

A new option package is the main 2006 change for these military-styled SUVs. The H2 wagon and SUT pickup are now the midsize Hummers, being larger and costlier than the new H3 wagon, smaller and more affordable than the original H1/Hummvee. H2s (and H3) are sold by General Motors, but built by AM General in Indiana. GM's full-size SUVs donate a 6.0-liter V8, 4-speed automatic transmission, and major chassis components.

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Hummer H2 Specifications

Starting MSRP Price: 124,450
Seating Capacity: 4
Engine Type: 6 liters V 8 front engine
Horse Power: 598 hp @ 5200 rpm
Top Speed: 99.4 mph (electronically limited)

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Hummer H2 Reviews and Ratings

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If you want a nice SUV ride rent the Range Rover Sport

What are the strengths?
Thanks it was a rental!!!

What are the weaknesses?
Underperforming, poorly built truck. I almost needed a second mortgage to pay for the gas.

Cities that Hummer H2 is available

Miami - FL,Miami Beach - FL,Fort Lauderdale - FL,West Palm Beach - FL,South Beach - FL,Boca Raton - FL,Naples - FL,Orlando - FL,Tampa - FL,Clearwater - FL,St. Petersburg - FL,Kissimmee - FL
Miami - FL,West Palm Beach - FL,Fort Lauderdale - FL,South Beach - FL,Miami Beach - FL,New York - NY,Manhattan - NY,St. Petersburg - FL,Boca Raton - FL,Orlando - FL,Tampa - FL,Clearwater - FL,Connecticut - CT,Key West - FL,New Jersey - NJ,Naples - FL,Jacksonville - FL,Hollywood - CA,Los Angeles - CA,Beverly Hills - CA,Santa Barbara - CA,Santa Monica - CA,Las Vegas - NV,Calabasas - CA,Huntington Beach - CA,Palos Verdes - CA,Long Beach - CA,Anaheim - CA,Manhattan Beach - CA,Marina Del Rey - CA,Venice - CA,Seal Beach - CA,Newport Beach - CA,Laguna Beach - CA,La Jolla - CA,San Diego - CA,San Bernardino - CA,Sanfernando Valley - CA,Pasadena - CA,Palm Springs - CA,Palm Desert - CA,Altadena - CA,Westwood - CA,Westlake Village - CA,Redondo beach - CA,Malibu - CA,Glendale - CA,Sarasota - FL,Aventura - FL,Sunny Isles Beach - FL
Miami - FL,Miami Beach - FL,South Beach - FL,West Palm Beach - FL,Fort Lauderdale - FL,Ft. Meyers - FL,Boca Raton - FL,Tampa - FL,Sarasota - FL,Clearwater - FL,Naples - FL,Jacksonville - FL,Orlando - FL,Daytona - FL,Aventura - FL,Coral Gables,Delaware - DE,Sunrise -FL,Sunny Isles Beach - FL,Parkland - FL,Pensacola - FL,Pembroke Pines - FL,Hallandale Beach - FL,Hollywood - FL,Boynton Beach - FL