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Jaguar XK Convertible

Daily Rental Price Range: From $359.00 to $599.00
Weekly Rental Price Range: From $2,154.00 to $3,600.00

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Daily Rental Price Range: $359.00
Weekly Rental Price Range: $2,154.00

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Daily Rental Price Range: $399.99
Weekly Rental Price Range: $2,499.99

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Daily Rental Price Range: $525.00
Weekly Rental Price Range: $3,150.00

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Daily Rental Price Range: $599.00
Weekly Rental Price Range: $3,600.00

Jaguar XK Convertible Detailed Information

The all-new XK continues the Jaguar tradition of beautiful, powerful, ground-breaking sports cars, but behind its stunning looks, it bristles with practical, intuitive, modern technology, clearly focussed on enhancing the driving experience.

From the outset Jaguar knew it needed to create a convertible version of the XK and designed and developed it in parallel with the Coupe. The XK Convertible uses the same advanced aluminum body structure technology to achieve excellent body rigidity and torsional stiffness while minimizing weight: at just 3759lbs the new Convertible is one of the lightest cars in its competitive set.
A 300bhp (SAE), 4.2-liter V8 engine and Jaguar Sequential Shift steering-wheel-mounted gear change controls ensure rapid performance of 0-60mph in just 6.0 seconds (0-100kmh in 6.3 seconds) and an electronically limited top speed of 155mph (250kmh)*.The luxurious triple-lined, fabric roof - which can be powered up or down in less than 18 seconds ? when retracted it stows fully out of sight beneath an aluminum tonneau cover. A roll-over protection system comprising two 'hidden' aluminum hoops that deploy in the event of an incident is standard on all XK Convertibles.

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Jaguar XK Convertible Specifications

Starting MSRP Price:: $81,000
Top Speed: 155 mhp (electronically controlled)
0-60 mph: 6 secs
Horsepower: 300@6000
Engine Type: 4.2L V8
Seating Capacity: 2

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Jaguar XK Convertible Reviews and Ratings

1) Overall Rating
Review by Ms. Young and Daniel
The XK is not just a new car, it's an image builder. :)

What are the strengths?
Super Luxury Sport Car!

What are the weaknesses?
with $4 dollar plus gas takes some $$$ to fill the tank.

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Miami - FL,Miami Beach - FL,South Beach - FL,St. Petersburg - FL,Sarasota - FL,Orlando - FL,West Palm Beach - FL,Fort Lauderdale - FL,Boca Raton - FL,Key West - FL
Miami - FL,Miami Beach - FL,Fort Lauderdale - FL,West Palm Beach - FL,South Beach - FL,Boca Raton - FL,Naples - FL,Orlando - FL,Tampa - FL,Clearwater - FL,St. Petersburg - FL,Kissimmee - FL
Miami Beach - FL,South Beach - FL,Orlando - FL,West Palm Beach - FL,Fort Lauderdale - FL,Ft. Meyers - FL,Boca Raton - FL,Key West - FL,Miami - FL
Los Angeles - CA,Santa Monica - CA,Beverly Hills - CA,Hollywood - CA,North Hollywood,Burbank - CA