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Mercedes Benz S400 Hybrid Detailed Information

The world’s first mass produced car with a lithium ion battery and the first Mercedes with a hybrid drive. It features a 279hp petrol V6 combined with a hybrid module delivering an additional 20hp and 160Nm of torque. The combined maximum power output is 299hp and the combined maximum torque amounts to 375Nm. Acceleration from 0-100km/h takes 7.3 seconds and top speed is remains limited to 250km/h. Fuel consumption averages 30mpg (7.9L/100km) and CO2 emissions stands at 190g/km, a respectable figure given the size of the car. Although it's unlikely that the S400 will overtake the Toyota Prius as the best-selling hybrid in America, there's no reason that it shouldn't be the best-selling S-Class.

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Mercedes Benz S400 Hybrid Specifications

Starting MSRP Price:: $110,000
Top Speed: 155 / 250 mph (km/h):
0-60 mph: 7.0 sec
Horsepower: 300 HP
Engine Type: V6
Seating Capacity: 4

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1) Overall Rating
Review by newton
I have been renting hibrid cars for the past 5 years and so far Merecedes is the best. I will rent this hibrid again

What are the strengths?
WOW 299 hp and 284 lb-ft of torque! That what i call power for a hibrid car

What are the weaknesses?
very cheap to put gas :)

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